Healthier food on the menu at Earthly Pets as John Truslove helps secure premises for new venture

A young animal nutritionist has picked an ideal time to open his own pet food shop in Redditch, aided by commercial property agents John Truslove.

Dev Gordhan has launched Earthly Pets in the wake of massive growth in pet ownership during the Covid pandemic and a growing interest in healthier dining options for our canine and feline friends.

Dev is focused on ethical and natural pet food at this store, in Alcester Arcade in Redditch, and is already winning rave reviews on Google and Facebook from his customers.

“It was slow to start but things are really picking up now,” said Dev.

“Finding the right premises was key, and fortunately I rent my flat through John Truslove here in Redditch.

“I knew they had a lot of commercial properties on their books so got in touch with them when I decided to open my own shop and they helped me find this unit in the town centre.

“Ian Parker and Ruth Banting at John Truslove were really helpful, particularly when it came to ensuring the premises had the facilities I would need.”

Ian Parker, joint managing director at John Truslove, arranged the five-year tenancy on Shop 2, an 801 sq ft unit in Alcester Arcade, off Alcester Street.

He said: “This is clearly a case of the right business at the right time; it just needed the right premises. And that is where we come in at John Truslove.

“We always have a wide range of commercial properties in our portfolio and worked with Dev and the landlord to ensure a smooth fit. It is good to see he is already attracting a growing and faithful band of customers.”

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