Mobile loo tribute to Led Zeppelin star from John Truslove

The “Stairway to Heaven” is coming in the shape of a mobile loo for Redditch rock fans Ian Parker and Ben Truslove.

Because that’s the tongue-in-cheek tribute the pair are making at the festival later this month marking the 70th year since the birth of the late John Bonham, the drummer of Led Zeppelin.

The directors of Redditch-based chartered surveyors John Truslove are sponsoring the public convenience with a “Whole Lotta Love” for the 1,000 fans expected at the concert that will rock the drummer’s home town from 1pm to 11pm on Saturday 22 September.

Ian Parker joked: “When we saw a mobile toilet on the list of available sponsorship opportunities, we realised that this would be what rocker fans needed ‘When the Levee Breaks’.

“But seriously, Redditch meant a lot to Bonham, and he meant even more to Redditch and so we were determined to contribute to such a special day.”

Ben Truslove added: “You know what it’s like when you’re doing the ‘Misty Mountain Hop’ for the loo when you’re out all day, and so we thought sponsoring a mobile loo would bring a lot of joy to Led Zeppelin fans.

“Plus, we can tell everyone we have finally made it with our name on the side of a portable loo!”

Bonham, regarded by many as the greatest and most influential rock drummer of all time, was born in Redditch in 1948, and tragically died in 1980.

The expected sell-out concert, organised in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust West Midlands, includes top acts like the Steve Gibbons Band, Vincent Flatts, Ritchie Dave Porter, Arcadia Roots, Deborah Bonham & Friends and Letz Zep.

They will perform the “John Bonham: a Celebration” concert in a giant marquee, while the recently installed memorial to the rocking drummer in the town centre will be officially handed over to Redditch Borough Council.

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