10 Broadground Road, Lakeside, Redditch

We were pleased to be able to assist Swiss packaging machine manufacturer Bobst Group with their major expansion in Redditch, letting them more than 10,000 sqft of office accommodation at Ravensbank House on behalf of Landlords SSE Audio who have been Clients for many years.

The international business, which is the world’s leading supplier of machinery and services to packaging manufacturers in the folding carton, corrugated board and flexible material industries, Bobst has a presence in more than 50 countries, runs 11 production facilities in eight countries and employs over 5,000 people around the world.

Following the move to Ravensbank House we built a professional relationship built on mutual respect.  In 2013, Bobst instructed us to act on their behalf with regard to limiting their dilapidations liabilities at their previous premises, 10 Broadground Road, Lakeside, Redditch.

10 Broadground Road comprises a 6,000 sqft Factory Warehouse, which Bobst had occupied for approximately 10 years.  The Landlords had served notice of a claim for dilapidations, in the order of £126,000. 

After carefully reading the Lease our Qualified Building Surveyor fully inspected the property and undertook a detailed survey identifying the wants of repair and dilapidations.  We were then able to analyses the claim made by the Landlord.

After considering the total cost of works required to the premises, we were then able to produce a series of valuations to consider the extent of any diminution in value, utilising technical and legal knowledge.

At this point we entered into negotiations with the Landlord and their Building Surveyors and were successfully able to agree a settlement figure saving our Clients over £100,000.

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