ThermaBead Ltd

ThermaBead Ltd, whose headquarters are based in Worcester, are an industry leader in specialist cavity wall insulation systems. We are their retained as their agents nationally, providing a wide variety of services including the following;


  • Initial Board meeting to discuss operational requirements and agree the required specification
  • Undertaking a comprehensive search of the subject area to identify options meeting the criteria
  • Accompanying the client on a tour of the available options in order to refine the list
  • Drawing up a shortlist of options and providing market commentary for budgeting purposes,
  • Undertaking negotiations on the preferred option(s) and using the benefit of our knowledge to ensure that the terms incorporated the required flexibility, whilst securing the most competitive terms possible
  • Maintaining a dialogue with the Solicitors and Landlord in order to ensure that any queries were addressed and the legals were agreed in a timely manner and as per the agreed terms.
  • Utilising our Building Surveyor to prepare a Schedule of Condition in order to restrict the Clients dilapidations liability
  • Actively developing a healthy Landlord/Tenant relationship, which has allowed our Clients to utilise additional space on the Estate a flexible basis as appropriate

Business Rates:–

  • Reviewing the various Rateable properties within the occupational portfolio
  • Avoiding the option of adopting a potentially detrimental ‘blanket approach’ to appeals
  • Selectively appealing the appropriate Rateable Values
  • Achieving a substantial reduction to their annual Rates bills
  • Securing a rebate of several thousand pounds
  • Providing substantial savings in future

Lease Advisory–

  • We undertook a search of the Droitwich and Worcester area for a new HQ/Production facility
  • The Property needed to be configured to separate the office, production and distribution elements
  • We identified a suitable unit close to the existing facility, in advance of it formally being put on the market
  • Whilst negotiating terms on the new unit we agreed a re-gear on the existing facility aligning all the Lease Dates, securing both a Rent Reduction and a substantial Rent-Free period

Building Surveying:–

  • We have successfully minimised the dilapidations liabilities on surplus properties, across the England and Wales
  • As part of the comprehensive acquisition package we have undertaken initial surveys to identify any obvious defects, stipulating that these are made good prior to occupation
  • In addition, we have produced full Schedules of Condition, in order to limit future liabilities and avoid issues on Lease Expiry.
  • Where appropriate we have utilised a cherry-picker to survey the roof, which is potentially one of the most costly liabilities.

Business Growth Strategy –

  • We have undertaken feasibility studies in ‘new’ regions, including The Home Counties and Scotland.
  • For a low initial cost, we shortlisted suitable stock in the target areas, providing indicative costs for the Client to factor into their expansion plans

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